Quality Control at Protection Engineering

At Protection Engineering, ensuring the highest level of quality in our products is paramount to our mission. We understand that reliability and precision are non-negotiable when it comes to meeting and exceeding industry standards. To achieve this, we have implemented a meticulous Quality Control process that leaves no stone unturned in guaranteeing the excellence of our offerings.

State-of-the-Art Standard Room

Our journey towards maintaining impeccable quality begins in our state-of-the-art standard room. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by skilled professionals with an eye for detail, this facility serves as the nucleus of our quality assurance efforts. Every product, no matter how intricate, undergoes rigorous inspection within this chamber to ensure it adheres to the highest standards set forth by our company.

Temperature-Controlled Environment

Consistency is key to delivering products of exceptional quality. That’s why our standard room is meticulously maintained at a controlled temperature range of 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. This precise environmental control is essential for conducting accurate measurements and inspections, thereby guaranteeing the reliability and accuracy of our products.

Quality Control at Protection Engineering

Protection Engineering, we adhere to a stringent quality control mechanism overseen by our highly qualified personnel. From the meticulous selection of raw materials to the final delivery of our manufactured products, we prioritize maintaining top-notch quality at every stage of the process. Our dedicated in-house quality control department conducts numerous tests to ensure that our products consistently meet or exceed international quality standards.

Quality is the cornerstone of our operations, and we are committed to providing our clients with a diverse range of well-designed and flexible products. By placing a strong emphasis on quality, we aim to exceed customer expectations and establish enduring relationships built on trust and excellence.

List of Quality Inspection Instruments

To uphold our unwavering commitment to quality, we employ a comprehensive array of precision instruments for thorough inspections. Here’s a detailed list of the quality inspection instruments we utilize:

  1. Height Master

    • Description: Measures heights with exceptional precision
    • Range: 0-300 mm
    • Least Count (L.C): 0.001 mm
    • Make: Aditya
    • Quantity: 2
  2. Profile Projector 102050

    • Description: Projects and measures profiles accurately
    • Range: 0-25 mm
    • Make: Meera Udyog
    • Quantity: 1
  3. Outside Micrometers

    • Description: Measures outer diameters precisely
    • Range:
      • 0-25 mm (2 units)
      • 25-50 mm (2 units)
      • 50-75 mm (2 units)
      • 75-100 mm (1 unit)
      • 100-125 mm (1 unit)
    • Least Count (L.C): 0.01 mm
    • Make: Mitutoyo (except for 75-100 mm, Forbes)
    • Quantity: Varies
  4. Vernier Caliper Digital

    • Description: Provides digital measurement accuracy
    • Range: 0-300 mm
    • Least Count (L.C): 0.02 mm
    • Make: Mitutoyo
    • Quantity: 1
  5. Dial Bore Gauge

    • Description: Measures inside diameters precisely
    • Range:
      • 50-160 mm (2 units)
      • 18-35 mm (1 unit)
    • Least Count (L.C): 0.01 mm
    • Make: True size (50-160 mm), INSIZE (18-35 mm)
    • Quantity: 2 + 1
  6. Vernier Caliper Manual

    • Description: Manual measurement precision
    • Range:
      • 0-200 mm (2 units)
      • 0-300 mm (1 unit)
    • Least Count (L.C): 0.02 mm
    • Make: Mitutoyo
    • Quantity:  2 + 1

Each of these instruments undergoes regular calibration and maintenance to ensure their accuracy and reliability in performing quality inspections.

Protection Engineering, quality isn’t simply a goal—it’s ingrained in everything we do. Through meticulous attention to detail, advanced technology, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we ensure that every product leaving our facilities upholds the highest standards of quality and reliability.